props to the silly cow

Great marketing works – even when you know you are being marketed to! I don’t generally drink hot chocolate; In fact, I don’t even like chocolate. YET, I could not resist this absolutely perfect marketing package by the folks at Burnham & Mills for “Silly Cow Farms Hot Chocolate.” This little bottle of hot chocolate […]

Published March 27th, 2013

flu shots

For the first time ever, I have had an unfortunate bought with the flu. If you have ever had this dilemma, you will have been informed that “it is a virus and that it will have to run its course.” One of the other interesting experiences you will have is that you will most likely […]

Published March 25th, 2013

Why not puzzles?

I love the idea that you can take a pile of parts and pieces – dump ‘em on the floor – and then use them to put together something “better.” The idea that we can put these pieces together into a configuration to solve a problem or create a useful thing is awesome! So, why […]

Published March 21st, 2013

The “platinum” version of mentorship.

I consider it a tremendous privilege to invest in my children. What better place to spend my time, influence, wisdom, and guidance. Regardless of how old they get, I will always see it this way. The actual investment will change, but the benefit remains the same. The very design of family lends itself to each […]

Published March 18th, 2013

wasting time

I love working and getting things done. I view “now” as almost ALWAYS better than “later.” However, I can respect that not everyone has the same viewpoint. (Particularly, since my husband is one of those people who often sees “later” as a good option!) For all of us, balance is vital. It may be more […]

Published March 11th, 2013


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Published March 10th, 2013