Marcy is passionate about progress and advancing purposeful change through strategic connection and communication. From helping former telecom giant, Marconi Communications, build a regional branding campaign, working with HarperCollins Publishing on product marketing and brand management for authors, to overseeing major cultural change and corporate growth for a global non-profit agency – Marcy has had more than two decades of successfully connecting the value to the valuer.

Applying her experience, she has established new departments, facilitated new product development, market expansion, and created collaborative solutions for both internal and external communications. Creating increased value by mining progress in, around, and through existing circumstances, Marcy designs new opportunities for solutions. A strategic thinker, she finds simplifying the most complex scenarios enjoyable and her unique and seemingly juxtaposed areas of strength provide her with a quick, focused, calculated problem solving ability. Marcy is a long time believer that, even when navigating the most complex change in the most challenging cultures, there are fundamental elements in every environment that can be utilized as a framework to advance your plan.