Are we there yet?

One of my greatest areas of weakness is my sense of direction. I realize that is one of those things that women often get labeled with, but, I am truly pulling down the average. In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that I just don’t have any sense of direction at all. It […]

Published September 16th, 2014

keeping your job

Do you show up, keep your head down, and do just enough to feel secure in keeping your job? Or, do you only do what will make you more visible to your boss or others? In both of these scenarios, you are negating the genuine value you could be bringing. Do not worry about keeping […]

Published May 22nd, 2014

The truth hurts?

“..speaking the truth in love, we grow up in all things…” Truth is a must-have for building lasting value. It is a key component to trust, integrity, and an indicator that you are able to handle responsibility. Not only does truth influence the quality of success in your workplace, but success in your life. Learn […]

Published May 12th, 2014

know your place

You bring in a consultant, or your boss calls a meeting, and decides to do a unity building exercise asking everyone around the room to share their most embarrassing moment. We’ve all been there. Every time, I think “UGH! Not again.” I understand what they’re going for, but this method is not one that I […]

Published March 18th, 2014


You know, I love change. I equate it with progress. You need to change to grow…yet that does not mean that all change is positive. Some change is destructive. Does that mean it cannot bring about growth? If you have ever been to a magnificent bluff at the Ocean, you have seen deterioration in process. […]

Published March 6th, 2014

my jar

Of all the assets in the world that people consider precious – there is one that stands out as more valuable than any other to me. It limits and allows everything. It is the single factor we all share an “equal” portion of at any given point, and it is precisely the same in potential […]

Published October 3rd, 2013


Do you know anyone who truly impresses you? We connect with a variety of people over the course of our lives, and form relationships at varying levels with many of them. But, how many people do you know who truly impress you? I find this to be one of the most important things to be […]

Published August 12th, 2013

plan is not a four letter word

While Hollywood seems to be (somewhat poorly) re-making everything that happened between 1977-1987 lately, I am actually old enough to remember watching the original A Team’s Hannibal character grinning and chomping down on his cigar as he declared, “I love it when a good plan comes together!” — And, I do love it when a […]

Published July 17th, 2013

What do you think?

Do you know that thoughts create actions? They are change makers…for good or bad. Thoughts not only create external actions, they also create internal impact. They cause changes to our being physically and spiritually – like brawny nano-bot construction workers of “you” – they are building tremendous mental, physiological, and spiritual frameworks which continue to […]

Published June 8th, 2013


Where does courage come from? Is it a built in characteristic that only some have, or is it a learned behavior? Is it a deliberate decision – or is it pure instinct? Maybe it isn’t any of these things, or perhaps it is all of these things. Some say that you find courage when you […]

Published April 23rd, 2013