Do you feel like you are doing as much as you can to clear your objectives, move your culture forward, produce positive results – you are pouring all of your strength into each day’s work, and yet, don’t feel like you are making progress? Swimming in a strong current is exhausting. Life can be like […]

Published October 13th, 2014

Are we there yet?

One of my greatest areas of weakness is my sense of direction. I realize that is one of those things that women often get labeled with, but, I am truly pulling down the average. In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that I just don’t have any sense of direction at all. It […]

Published September 16th, 2014

CEO’s, will your employees ship off?

According to an article in Relevant magazine yesterday, we aren’t vacationing well. Americans aren’t using their time off much, and when we do, we are still working. What an absolutely fantastic opportunity for an organization to innovate and value the people who work there! CEO’s don’t make the leap to cut the time from your […]

Published April 5th, 2014


Life was not meant to come with auto pilot. But it is easy to fall into an automatic lifestyle without even noticing it is happening. As life marches on, commitments are made, things are acquired, investments of time into projects, groups, and relationships happen. As we take on responsibilities, sometimes we forget to re-evaluate when […]

Published March 9th, 2014

my jar

Of all the assets in the world that people consider precious – there is one that stands out as more valuable than any other to me. It limits and allows everything. It is the single factor we all share an “equal” portion of at any given point, and it is precisely the same in potential […]

Published October 3rd, 2013

plan is not a four letter word

While Hollywood seems to be (somewhat poorly) re-making everything that happened between 1977-1987 lately, I am actually old enough to remember watching the original A Team’s Hannibal character grinning and chomping down on his cigar as he declared, “I love it when a good plan comes together!” — And, I do love it when a […]

Published July 17th, 2013

What do you think?

Do you know that thoughts create actions? They are change makers…for good or bad. Thoughts not only create external actions, they also create internal impact. They cause changes to our being physically and spiritually – like brawny nano-bot construction workers of “you” – they are building tremendous mental, physiological, and spiritual frameworks which continue to […]

Published June 8th, 2013


You probably began developing your personal definition of “success” when you were just a child. It is a part of human nature to desire and want for things. That is further influenced by our individual framework of talents and skills, the perspective we develop based on our situations, and through foundational investment(s) from others. Life […]

Published April 17th, 2013

mason jars

I love mason jars. Sturdy and resourceful – you can use them for canning and storing dry goods or liquids. At my house, you would be offered a drink of cool water or iced tea in one. I realize that using mason jars as drinking glasses carries a certain stigma with it in the minds […]

Published April 15th, 2013

Why not puzzles?

I love the idea that you can take a pile of parts and pieces – dump ‘em on the floor – and then use them to put together something “better.” The idea that we can put these pieces together into a configuration to solve a problem or create a useful thing is awesome! So, why […]

Published March 21st, 2013