Published February 13th, 2015

Excellent quality is of great importance to me as a consumer. Sometimes, convenience is more important. It depends on the need I am trying to fill, which factor rises to the top as more critical to my buying decision.

So, how can you set yourself apart and capture my attention as a consumer? Hold tight to your standard of success. By doing so, you honor your brand and the consumer base who needs (and wants) your value. Don’t try to be all things to all people, but instead be the best at what you do. Improve on your weaknesses, but honor the value you have to offer that made me, as the valuer, take notice in the first place.


This can happen through those wonderful local stores who are still keeping quality at the top of their priority list. It also happens through online vendors and producers who do the same. When someone provides excellent quality AND great customer service – they are pretty hard to choose against. BUT, that value of convenience can also be really key in a busy life.

Organic Fiji is a company that does all three of these things very well! Their products are beautifully simple, and high quality (and their scented ones happen to smell divine!) If you have a concern, you will get an equally concerned response, and you will receive your products expediently. Because I can depend on this value as part of their brand, they can depend on me to keep coming back for more.

(PS – Since it is winter, the season for dry skin, I encourage you to try their body polish…you’ll be happy you did!)

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