Published October 13th, 2014

Do you feel like you are doing as much as you can to clear your objectives, move your culture forward, produce positive results – you are pouring all of your strength into each day’s work, and yet, don’t feel like you are making progress?

Swimming in a strong current is exhausting. Life can be like that when you push yourself to pursue your best, achieve stretch goals, and seemingly impossible resolutions. Beach-Water-Safety-Sign-NHE-17423_300

So, how do you keep from drowning?

  • You need to have the right technique

The right tools and training are helpful, but you need assistance. That can be better process, more information, delegation. You are stronger with the right aide. Let others help you.

  • You need to stop and rest

Sometimes, you have to step out. You need to rest. If you have no margin in your life to take restorative time for yourself, you will become increasingly ineffective for others. Don’t stay in the current until you cannot go any further. Stop and rest.

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