Why not puzzles?

Published March 21st, 2013

I love the idea that you can take a pile of parts and pieces – dump ‘em on the floor – and then use them to put together something “better.”

The idea that we can put these pieces together into a configuration to solve a problem or create a useful thing is awesome!

So, why not puzzles? Why don’t I like puzzles? I don’t HATE puzzles…mostly…
but once I dump out the pieces, and eagerly ferret out all the outline bits, it occurs to me that this problem is already solved: Solution predetermined!

No, puzzles are not for me.

TinkertoysI am more of a Tinker Toy or Lincoln Log kind of gal. (Perhaps, if I were teaching some person from a “puzzle-less” land what a puzzle was and how to put together a puzzle together for the first time… I could be passionate about a puzzle.) For me, it just isn’t the same as taking a box of random bits and pieces, imagining, working, noodling through the strategic mind map of how these parts can come together in the end result you are hoping for – creating a solution to a problem that was previously unsolved.

Tinker toys, Lincoln Logs, Legos! THAT’s for me!

So, how about you? Are you a puzzle… or a Tinker Toy kind of person? (Love all you puzzle people! You build those…I’ll be over “here” tinkering!)

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