“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Peter Drucker

The world is changed by those who pursue the future they envision. Meet some of the world changers that I have had the privilege to work with. Through their passion, authenticity, and hard work – they have moved their organizations forward to purposeful change – and it has been my honor to be a part of that.

Let’s create a future that achieves your vision!


Chip Ingram

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Chip and his organization. Over the course of the year, we coordinated and implemented a plan for communication structure and execution.

“It is been a pleasure and positive working relationship with Marcy. She made a positive impact quickly, with excellent writing skills, marketing perspective and messaging that was in line with our DNA. I would highly recommend her to your organization.”

Chip Ingram, Teaching Pastor/CEO Living on the Edge


Kirk Blank

Kirk navigates this world differently than anyone else I know. His entrepreneurial spirit and extraordinary creativity are complimented by his often outrageous sense of humor and genuine caring heart. I am so proud to have had a part in the development and launch of mtl magazine.

“It is rare that one has both a high level of creativity and the ability to execute details. Marcy Schorsch is one of those ‘rare individuals’ whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with during her time at MTL Media. Marcy played a significant role in developing the brand, content and direction of More to Life (MTL) magazine.”

Kirk Blank, CEO, Munce Group


Cam Shapansky

Cam Shapansky was my Sherpa in learning the unique terrain of marketing via fundraising and donor development. For four years we worked very closely together on a large non-profit project. That opportunity brought me a great deal of value through getting to know Cam and learning from him, and the success of the project built great value for the organizations involved.

“Marcy is passionate, determined, and extremely bright. She has the ability to understand her landscape and move challenging initiatives forward regardless of the odds. Marcy has special and unique abilities.”

Cam Shapansky, CEO, Blue North Strategies


Louis Upkins

Louis and I worked together on his book Treat Me Like a Customer through Harper Collins Publishing. Louis Upkins, Jr. is a world changer. It is easy to be impressed with Louis’ many accomplishments including working with many celebrities and numerous fortune 500 companies. In fact, it is easy to wonder how in the world one person could do SO much in one lifetime! But the thing that makes Louis a world changer – is that he walks out his priorities. Even in the midst of an extremely successful and busy career – he puts his family first – and he is not ashamed to prove it!

Louis Upkins, Jr., CEO, Upkins & Co.


Josh Franer

I first met Josh Franer during a project with Harper Collins Publishing. We have been working together on projects now for seven years. Josh is an entrepreneur, a producer, cinematographer, and film director. With deliberate intention, he is telling the stories that need to be told. While Josh’s work is featured in Rolling Stones, MTV, and TED, and his clients include Disney, Microsoft, and GE – he doggedly pursues cause related projects that are making a difference in the way people see one another – in the hope it will impact the way we treat one another.

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Kedron Rhodes

Kedron and I have had the opportunity to work together on more than a few projects. Through customized content and presentation, we have pursued the best web presentation of products or services, and created some quality outcomes. Brilliant at taking the complex and making it simply beautiful and effective – Kedron Rhodes is a world changer. One of the most talented designers I know, Kedron is not in short demand. With a brilliant mind and an eye for capturing beauty – he is an exceptional asset to any project. These skills; however, are not why I know he is changing the world. He is changing the world through the way he treats the people in it. With incredible generosity and kindness, he leaves you speechless, as you wonder where on earth he came from?

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Andy Meisenheimer

Working together on multiple projects in the world of publishing and author brand development, Andy and I made an art of working harmoniously with often unanimously opposite points of view.

“Marcy is smart, collaborative, and works hard and with integrity. She made me think differently, communicate more effectively, and I enjoyed every second of working with her. She’s one of those people you look forward to working with again whatever the circumstance.”

Andy Meisenheimer, Author, Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I’ve Crossed: Walking with the Unknown God